Single Sided PCB

           These types of boards are mostly used in case of simple circuitry and where the manufacturing costs are to be kept at a minimum. Nevertheless, they represent a large volume of printed boards currently produced

Double Sided PCB

           This type of pcb can be used for both through hole and surface mount components. The complexity and density of components means much equipment has to use both sides of the Printed Circuit Board .These all the way

PCB Assembly

           Universal circuits offers PCB assembly service that utilizes the latest technology to ensure your PCB assembly is tailored to you and your PCB. Whether your needs are a fast turnaround prototype or a full production

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Why Universal Circuits?

Why Universal Circuits?

We are very flexible and can turn up the production time on printed circuit board (PCB) orders quickly to meet your schedule and do it without compromising quality. our standard turnaround time is typically 2 to 3 weeks, our another specialty is Express Delivery service

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Highly satisfied with the service. Goods delivered at estimated time.

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Quality of the product is good. Best Service by their team.

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